Is My Website Worth It?

Is my website worth it? You know, worth paying someone to design it and then the hosting fees, domain name?

I usually answer this question with another question. It’s a question that most website owners have no idea how to answer. The question is and get ready for a blank clouded feeling to envelope you, the question is a simple one… “What is your return on the investment involved?”


Now before we delve into this, there are many things that can be defined under the ROI (return on investment). Items such as increase of people walking into your business, likes on a facebook page that lead to website visits that lead to customers, Each and all of these items (and many, many more) are personal to your business and you will have a fair idea as to what you consider a return on your investment to be.

For almost all businesses I work with, we can break it down to, first and foremost, an increase in business which equals more customers/clients which leads to more profit or money in the bank. Let’s face it, if you make a few dollars more then your business is usually healthier and the stress levels faced when the almighty dollar is not materialising is far less.

Now lets take your website and what you are attempting to do with it. There are a number of approaches and as one of the billions vast majority of business websites that are up on the internet (these are in the billions) how do you stand out in the crowd?

Most websites are, what I would consider, Web Brochures. These are the websites that have a “homepage”, an “about” page that says a little about you and your business, a “services” page that says what you do, a “contact” page etc etc.

Most Designers of websites go for this model as it is a web standard and most people are accustomed to this type. The idea being that it is used by so many it must be working so why change? While there is nothing wrong with having this type of website, and if it is serving your purpose, then great. If the numbers of visitors are becoming customers, fantastic.

If it’s not serving your purpose or delivering you a ROI, then each month you pay for keeping that website up on the internet, you might as well be flushing the money down the gurgler. Most websites using the above formula for gaining more or a presence have a failure on their hands. Whether they admit it or not.

Ask yourself this question “how many people contact me through my contact page on my website?” I bet I can tell you the answer without even seeing the expression on your face. Not many if any, huh?

Right there is the answer to “is your website a working part of your business?” Sad but true.

So where to from here?

We are offering a free website appraisal for anyone in Kaikoura or the surrounds. Just contact me on the form below, and I’ll be in touch to organise a meeting and lets discuss possibilities for your website and ultimately, your business/personal presence on the web. We quite possibly save you some dollars in the process.