Content Content Content

Just like Facebook and Instagram, if you don’t add content to your website, you tend to fall off everyone’s radar. The Name of the Game is Content, Content, Content.

Without content being added to your site on a regular basis, your site is destined to become just another web brochure that is looked at once then thrown in that drawer where you keep all those things that may be useful at sometime… but never is.

So what is this content lark?

letters to words

Well it’s just a bunch of letters, made into words, made into sentences, made into paragraphs and so on. Anyone can do it and the effect it will have on your business or website can be profound. The advantage for you, is that so many people aren’t doing it. There is a huge gap in every sphere of business to manipulate to your advantage.

The reason why there is a lack of content is mainly due to the website owner not knowing how to add the content that can maximise their Business.

Yet adding a brief message or helpful post that others find interesting also prompts the major search engines to keep coming back to your site to check out the new content too. The search engines then start to place importance on the information you are giving. Especially if it matches some of the queries or questions people are searching for.  See this Post regarding finding what people are searching for

Content is that magic magnet that makes a difference between the same old, same old, and a continually expanding information bucket that makes you the expert in your field. It shows that you know what you are taking about and it gives you credibility.

By giving up the trade secrets of your expertise, in the form of content on your site, makes your business more relevant to the majority of visitors who are looking for an expert in your particular field.

You have much more of a chance of converting visitors into customers by giving out interesting and helpful knowledge that you do when all your website does is sit there, day after day, with the same old, same old four or five pages and a contact form.

Think about the things you search for on the internet. Think about the sites you visit and why you go there. Work out a strategy that addresses why people would want to go to your website and implement that with content.

There is never a reason to not continue to add content. There are just so many subjects that will make you stand out in an already crowded marketplace. News, Industry improvements,  How to do this or that, Instructions for using your products, New Products that are coming, Services you offer and helpful hints.

If you don’t know how to add content, let us take a look for you and give you options. If you contact us regarding this, we’ll check out your site for no cost and give you feedback