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About Us

We provide creative solutions to clients around the world,
creating things that get attention and are meaningful, but more importantly,
turning potential Customers and Clients into raving Supporters of your Business

Our History

Web Kaikoura is a Web Based Website Business run by Host Me Plus. We take care of websites leaving the owners to do what they do best. Running their business.

We started up as onlineWEBpresence way back in 2001 and have continued hosting websites throughout. Late in 2013, we decided to give the whole shooting match a facelift and Host Me Plus was created. While we host all manner of websites, brochures, email accounts, ecommerce, stores and shops, etc etc, our niche market is start-ups and people and businesses new to websites and having a presence up in the world wide web. That has seen us become attractive to long term website owners as well due to our “no smoke and mirrors” approach and explanations that everyone can understand.

Web Kaikoura was started so that you are able take advantage of the vast experience of Websites and the Web in general offered by someone now living right here in Kaikoura.

If you know of anyone who needs a hand with a website and hosting please let them know about us. We guarantee they will be looked after.

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