The First Approach To Improve My Website

My first approach would be to think about what you are offering in your business and what it solves for your customers/clients?

All your customers are attempting to solve a problem or issue they have. Whether it is new tires for the car or how to house and feed the family, right down to where is the best coffee in a particular suburb or town. If you look at “why people buy stuff” is to solve a problem, issue or desire they have, you will be half way to solving your customer shortage.

They have to get a WOF but their tyres are old and worn. Their home is to small for a growing family or they get promotion and have to shift to another town and need accommodation. Or they are sick of instant coffee at home and want a nice flat white or cappuccino. It’s all about solving your customers problems, issues and desires.

To prove my point here, you are reading this article to solve some problem, issue or desire you have with your website or a question you have, regarding your website. This article piqued your interest. Does your website have similar articles running that cover the issues that your product or service clears up?

A series of blog posts or articles on your website that covers the different problems people encounter, that your products solve, will start to boost your website profile. Search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo love this type of content and they reward you by increasing your ranking.

If you want to start to make headway on getting your website noticed, Have a look at the drop down list when you begin your search for how to do something in your area of expertise. For example, thinking about painting, have a look at the result I got for “How do you pain… ”

The questions you are given in the drop down box as you type are great subjects to push your point if you are a painter. In your area of expertise, there will be similar results that help build content on your site and are a great way of capturing potential Clients. Remember to always have some way to get visitors to contact you on the page or article, and give them a reason to do so. Advice and or Quotes, anything that will create a new customer.

By making sure you add your service or product in the article and provide a link to the sign on/contact or some call to action page and making your service or product readily available for the potential customer you are making your website more valuable to you (and to your visitors).

Remember that Visitors to your site are, first and foremost, trying to solve some issue or problem they have and by you offering them solutions, buys you credibility and the potential to turn those visitors into Customers and Clients.

Have something that encourages them to stay and makes them feel like you are that person who is going to solve their issues and problems.

If you are posting to a Facebook page or you have a Facebook page, an easy approach is to send your potential Customers directly to the article on your website.  You have already set up the mechanisms to create future customers if you have followed the above ideas.

So, as a first step, consider how and why you solve your customers problems. Then write about it. Giving them information is a great way to make them know you care for them and you want to help. Just remember to also continue to grab their attention and demand they revisit.